Wikipedia is Blacked out to Protest SOPA, Here is the Solution

Wikipedia’s English site, Boing Boing and Reddit — goes dark for a day, displaying this page instead of their usual home pages.


Wikipedia’s English site, Boing Boing and Reddit — goes dark for a day, displaying this page instead of their usual home pages.

The strike is in protest of the Stop Online Piracy Act and the Protect Intellectual Property Act, currently being considered by Congress. In a nutshell, the two bills contain very strict anti-piracy laws that could even affect this site.

But we’re not here to debate the merits or faults of these bills or the protests. Instead, we’re going to show you how to work around the blackout;  here are three iOS apps that’ll allow you to download content offline and store it for later viewing, so you can get on with your homework/article/legal brief without having to wait till Thursday:

1.Wiki Offline


The most obviously useful app to deal with Wikipedia withdrawal tomorrow is Wiki Offline, Universal App that downloads Wikipedia’s entire collection of entries — all 10 million-plus — onto your iDevice for offline viewing. Be warned though, the entries will sprawl out over a whopping 3GB. There’s also a lite version that downloads just the 1,000 most popular Wikipedia entries.

2.Wikipanion Plus


The best gets even better! Enhance Wikipedia with queue mode, designed for keeping track of entries you want to read in the future. Add entries to the queue easily while browsing, and optionally save them for faster visiting or offline browsing. Downloading entries for offline or accelerated reading happens in the background while you browse and read other pages, so you don't have to stop and wait for pages to be saved.

Of course, if you’re not using an app, you could always just Google whatever it s you’re searching for (along with the term “wikipedia”) and click on the cached link from the results page.

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