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Still remember the hot game “Draw Something”? which was quite the rage last year, and brings over 50 million downloads, however, App store is super competitive battle filed, and now draw something is not popular like before anymore, people seems get many more choices, and today I like to share a killer game for that, “Acting out” just like the game said: Why draw something when you can be Acting Out!

Acting out is an easy game to bring the classic charades to iPhone and iPad, make you can play the charades with your friends and family anytime and anywhere by recording the short video to show each other, the idea of game looks like the game of draw something, however I like the the Acting out more than draw something,  Acting out let you recording your act showing the word you’ve chosen, then send to the friend you play with, much more vivid than other same kind games, because of you need send a video, so the game asks for a good internet connection, or the opposite side may can’t receive your act video.

The game is very easy to start and hard to stop it, as you know the charades is the game make people happy, laugh out loudly and easily addicted, here is the a video can tell you that:

I love this game, beautiful and easy-guide interface, detailed instructions and very useful tips to tell you how to make an efficient act to let you friends can guess out, very thoughtful, the game also bring coin and dynamite consumption to make the game easy to carry on, I believe there are many people will buy them if they play to the hard mode, the game still got its most important problem to be solved, the developer should working on the act video sending and receiving speed, maybe thanks to our weak WIFI, I failed receive my friend’s video for twice, it feels disappointed when we acting out in a favourable stage.

Interface: 10/8
Thanks to the nice and clear interface, the game is so easy to start even without the help.

GamePlay: 10/9
Make the classic charades anytime and anywhere, if you don’t mind the judges from the people around you.

Lasting Appleal: 10/8
If the video sending and receiving speed problem solved, I can play it with my friends all day long.

Multi-player: 10/7
Apparently this is a multi-player game, but Acting out just let two people play with each other, the developer should build a family mode to let more people play it together, Acting out let you must play it with the people you familiar, sounds reasonable, but there may be a safe way to play this game to strangers.

All in all, you can call it draw something killer, we hope more and more people can play this game to enjoy the friendship and love via charades games in Acting out whenever and wherever.

Acting out! Acting Out!
Have a blast with your friends as you try to act out and guess each other's words. No prior acting experience required! Move around, dance, sing, use props, do impressions - anything to get your point across - just don't say the word you're acting out!


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