JunglePhoto Review: An App Can Make your Photo Funny and Creative[GiveAway]

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JunglePhoto was a unique app developed by Hampus Ericstam, the app is all about creative and fun ways to use photos with kinds of effects and masks. The app’s function is easy even a 8 years old kid can handle it, however if you wanna play it different and creative, it’s not a easy thing, you can take a new photo by iPad’s camera or just use an old photo in your your library to make it funny, in JunglePhoto there are more than 50 fun objects like frames, sharks, masks, drinks, hats, skulls and funny things to let you put on your photos, when you’ve done a works you can easily share it via Email, Facebook or just save it to your library.

And lazy makes two funny ones to share all of you guys, I must admit I am not good at this, you can do much better than me, the JunglePhoto HD for iPad is available in iTunes App Store for $1.99, if you like to have it for free, please clike the share buttons to share this article to your friends and don't forget to leave your pandaapp account email, Lazy will give each one of you an promo code to download this funny app for free.

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JunglePhotoHD JunglePhotoHD
Sick of boring old photos? Add over 50 fun objects like frames, sharks, masks, drinks, hats, skulls and beyond!

Interface: 10/8
Clear and easy interface, the app is so easy to start even without the help.

App function: 10/7
JunglePhoto is cool enough to build an funny photo, but I hope the app can have more effects like Instagram.

Lasting Appleal: 10/6
JunglePhoto is very easy to use, also very easy make people to forget, Lazy advices JunglePhoto can add some social elements into this app, people around this app can show and share their art works with each other.

Totally, it’s hard to get a good position in the millions apps line of App Store, a successful app should be creative, very different to make people like to share it their friends, JunglePhoto is a decent Photography app, I believe many of you who have this app can make it better and better

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