iPad App Review: UPAD for iPad. Handwriting App for Students.

There are a lot of educational apps for students available for the iPad. Today we review UPAD which has a variety of features designed to make note taking easier.

There is no shortage of handwriting apps in iTunes but UPAD is loaded with features.  UPAD lets you take advantage of the iPads touch screen and take notes in a new way.  You can edit photos and annotate different types of texts plus much more.

UPAD’s design is crisp and clean.  The app fills up the majority of the screen with a blank canvas so there is plenty of room for you to work.  Navigation within the app is also easy which is nice. 

There are three modes to choose from.  Each mode has it’s own features.

MemoPAD -This is the note taking feature.  You can choose from several page styles to start your notes.  You can use your finger but a stylus will provide more accuracy.  MemoPAD would work well for classroom note taking.

BookPAD – Annotate PDF files in multiple ways.  Add in your own notes to the PDF, create sketches or highlight various passages.  For example if you are reading a book or document in PDF format you can add notes and highlight important areas just like you might in a book or paper copy.

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