iOS 4.3 Release Delayed

If you haven’t had a chance to check out Rupert Murdoch’s new iPad-only newsmag, you still have two more weeks of free access. If you’ve been looking forward to the release of iOS 4.3, keep waiting.

Free access to new digital-only publication The Daily was supposed to end today, but the offer has been extended two more weeks. Is it because not enough potential subscribers have been reading the newsmagazine? More likely, it’s because Apple has yet to release iOS 4.3, which will enable subscriptions through the iTunes App Store.

The free window has been pushed to February 28, making it more probable that iOS 4.3 will be ready for public use on that date. It’s not likely to come much sooner, since the iOS 4.3 GM hasn’t been seeded to developers yet. February 28 is also the date that’s been bandied about as the target time for an announcement about the iPad 2.

The next gen tablet is expected to be released running iOS 4.3, so the two are expected to debut at about the same time. This delay gives The Daily more time to attract readers, and its success is crucial to Apple’s plans for offering periodical subscriptions.

After months of frustration with Apple’s refusal to concede on issues like share of profits and control, Time Inc. has already begun selling subscriptions to Sports Illustrated for Android devices while avoiding Apple’s App Store. The media giant plans to offer more titles in the near future.

If Time’s titles succeed on Android, the company will have a powerful bargaining chip in its dealings with Apple—especially if The Daily fails to catch on.


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