iPad FAQ: How To Turn Off Auto-Correct On The iPad

Thanks to the large display and full size keyboard the iPad is great for typing. But one thing that can get a little annoying at times is the auto-correct feature. Today we’ll show you how to quickly turn it off.

Sure the auto-correct feature comes in handy if you are doing school work or official business but if you just want to send an email to a friend it gets a little frustrating getting constantly corrected by the iPad.  Especially if it changes the meaning of what you are typing and you don’t realize it before you send off your email.  Here’s all you need to do to turn it off.

Turn Off:

1. Select Settings

2. Select General and then Keyboard

3. Move the button next to Auto-Correction to the off position.

That’s it.  It’s done and you are good to go.


Here’s an additional handy trick: You can leave auto-correct on and set it to give you an audio alert when it is going to change a word.  Go to the General screen and select Accessibility.

Select speak Auto-Text and you will get an audible warning when auto-correct makes any modifications.

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