Enable Voice Dictation on Non-Siri Devices With 'Sara Dictation Keyboard'

Adria Ho
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If you’re rocking an iPhone 4, or some other iOS device that doesn’t have support for Siri, then chances are that you might be a little bit bummed by the fact that you can’t take advantage of the sometimes-useful voice dictation feature, which allows you to simply speak in place of typing to input text into text fields.

Although some of the older iOS devices are lacking Siri, and Siri dictation, that doesn’t mean owners of these older devices have to go without. A new free jailbreak tweak called Sara Dictation Keyboard by iOS developer Nobita.ZZZ is now available in the ModMyi repository to bring you an alternative keyboard-based dictation feature on older iOS devices that don’t support Siri dictation.

As shown above, the tweak will add a microphone key to the keyboard. It shows up in the same place as the Siri dictation key would on a Siri dictation-enabled device. If you have Siri dictation on your iOS device, and you install Sara Dictation Keyboard, you will have two microphone keys on your keyboard and be able to choose between the two – we experienced some glitchy animations on the iPhone 5, but it works functionally. We didn't experience the same glitchy animations on the iPhone 4.

You can see the differences between the Sara Dictation Keyboard microphone key, and the Siri dictation microphone key below:

When you tap on the Sara Dictation Keyboard microphone key, you’ll get the popup alert (shown below) that says she’s listening. You can then talk, and after you’re finished talking, you can tap on the OK button and Sara will process your words:

After a couple of seconds (it’s noticeably slower than Siri dictation), Sara Dictation Keyboard will translate what you say into readable text on your screen:

So basically, Sara Dictation Keyboard works fine, but it’s a little slower than we’d prefer. It’s definitely great that it’s free, and there will definitely be some people that will enjoy using the tweak so they can type hands-free on non-Siri dictation devices. It's also very nice how the developer managed to integrate Sara Dictation Keyboard into the keyboard as if it were actually a stock feature.

Because of the animation glitches we experienced on the iPhone 5, we recommend you stay away from this tweak on devices that already have Siri dictation installed on them. Siri dictation will work better anyhow.

If you don't have Siri dictation on your iOS device, definitely give this tweak a try and let us know how you like it!


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