'FastForward' Enable You to Play Videos At the Speed You Want

Adria Ho
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If you’ve ever wanted to use less of your valuable time watching videos, but still want to watch them, then a new free jailbreak tweak called FastForward by iOS Developer Harrison Apps, LLC is just for you.

 With FastForward, you can force iOS to play videos at custom rates. Normally, iOS will play a video at 1x, which is the normal speed. With Fast Forward, you can play videos at 1.5x, 2x, or any faster rate than 1x that you want. It works with all videos that have compatible playback methods, including Google’s YouTube application, the iOS Videos application, and many others. If it doesn't work in a certain application for you, then that application's playback method probably isn't supported.

 FastForward comes in handy when you want to save some time and you know you can keep up with the video at a faster pace. It also means you can watch more videos during your work break!

 FastForward will put an application icon on your home screen where you can adjust its options. You’ll be able to select all of the applications you want to enable FastForward for individually, or you can just turn on the “Enable All Apps” feature to turn FastForward on for every application. From the settings tab of the application, you can enter the playback rate that you want.

 The tweak appears to work very well. If you’ve ever wanted to watch videos at a faster pace without scrubbing and missing parts of the video, then FastForward is worth checking out. This tweak is free on Cyida via BigBoss repo.


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