'Still Capture Enabler' Enables Still Image During Video for the iPod Touch 5G Camera

Adria Ho
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We have just introduced an iPod touch 5G-exclusive jailbreak tweak called LLBiPT5 was released that enabled the Low Light Boost photograph mode for the iPod touch 5G’s camera. The feature was exclusively available on the iPhone 5, even though the iPod touch 5G was technically capable of it.

Today, another iPod touch 5G-exclusive jailbreak tweak has been released in Cydia. This one, entitled Still Capture Enabler by iOS developer PoomSmart, will enable the ability to take still images in the middle of capturing video. This is another iPhone 5-excusive feature that is disabled by default on the iPod touch 5G, even though the iPod touch 5G is capable of it.

After installing the tweak, you’ll be able to go into the Camera application on your iPod touch 5G and start recording video. While in the middle of recording video, you can press one of the volume buttons to capture a still image. The still image is like a photograph, but it’s not the same as a photograph. It will be captured in the resolution of the video, rather than the iPhone’s native photograph resolution, which means you will sacrifice some photo quality for the sake of convenience.

The ability to capture still images in the middle of recording your videos means convenience to you whenever you want to capture a specific moment while you’re recording it. It's a great feature to add to your iPod touch 5G if you capture a lot of neat videos, and to just break free of the limitations that Apple puts on you. Best of all, it's free! Check it out!

Still Capture Enabler is not for any other iOS device; only the iPod touch 5G.


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