It's Metal Slug But Different Metal Slug Wars Blasts onto Canadian App Store For Free

Adria Ho
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It's a pure lineage Metal Slug game from SNK Playmore, but Metal Slug Wars is the world's very first Metal Slug-themed massively multiplayer online real-time strategy title, on the Canadian App Store.

Your overall aim in this free-to-play title is to command an army that's capable of defeating the evil General Morden and preventing his rebel forces from staging a successful coup.

Along the way, you'll have to constantly expand your territory and build new bases; collect valuable resources; and form alliances with other real-world players.

These new-found buddies can help you out of difficult scrapes, and provide you with extra experience and resource items.

Metal Slug Wars features numerous unit types for you to recruit, including regular infantry and veteran units like engineers and aerial weapons specialists.

Many of these units, which are based on characters and weapons from the original Metal Slug series, must first be developed from plans that are dropped by enemy soldiers.

Metal Slug Wars is available to download from the Canadian App Store right now for free. We presume it will go global. But before that you can get an Canadian Apple ID to download it, with this simple tutorial.


Metal Slug Wars Metal Slug Wars
“METAL SLUG”, the masterpiece of run-and-gun games, appears for the first time as a “Massively Multiplayer RTS” game on iPhone! The player commands and develops his/her own army, and while playing in cooperation with or against other players, tries to stop the coup attempted by General Morden's Rebel Army.


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