Best Jailbreak Tweaks & Apps of The Week - It's an Explosive Week!

Adria Ho
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As iOS 6 has just been untethered jailbroken, developers can't hold to release their new tweaks, so Cydia receives a big refresh this week. It's an explosive week, a ton of tweaks are released this week, here we gonna show you some we recommended most.

1. LivelyIcons – $1.99

LivelyIcons will animate your home screen application icons when you tap on them to launch applications. It comes with options to set the animation you want, as well as the animation speed you want. When you buy this tweak, half of the money will be donated to two separate foundations focused on pediatric cancer research.

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2. AppCap - Free

Thanks to the availability of dedicated clients for almost all popular web services and sites, many people use smartphones as their primary means of surfing the internet. Almost all modern tablets and phones come with some level of social media integration, luring users away from their computers and keeping them glued to the smaller screens. iOS is famous for the quality and quantity of its apps, and that is why iPhone users account for a significant proportion of daily traffic on many websites. With such convenience however, the chances of spending too much time on anti-productivity websites have increased as well. There are computer application and web extensions to prevent users from staying too long on time-wasting websites, but the time is ripe for a similar app for iOS. Enter AppCap – a new Cydia tweak that helps you define usage restrictions for any app on your iPhone.

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3. SwitcherAnimation - Free

SwitcherAnimation will change the animation that you see when you switch between applications in the App Switcher to a fading animation rather than a card-switching animation. It’s a simple mod; some might like it, and some might not.

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4. NowPlaying on Status Bar – FREE

NowPlaying on Status Bar will strobe the Status Bar with the song you’re playing, the artist of the song, and the time. It is a nice free tweak for those of you that enjoy listening to music and want to know what music you’re listening to in any application where the status bar is visible. The speed of the strobing isn't too fast that you can't read what's going on, and it's not too slow that you will get annoyed by not seeing the time at a first glance.

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5. FastForward – FREE

FastForward will allow you to set the speed at which you want to watch videos. It works great for packing more video content into your head in less time without having to skip over important parts. It works very similarly to speeding up iTunes U lectures to 1.5x, although it works for iOS videos, YouTube videos, and many other video types.

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