How to Create Panoramic Wallpapers for iOS 6 iPhone and iPod Touch

Adria Ho
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Have you once been envy Android's panoramic wallpaper? With Cydia tweaks, that can be stopped. You just need a jailbroken iPhone or iPod touch and a few other things. iFans forum member An Outright Nihilist has outlined a complete list of requirements as part of his step-by-step How to Get Panoramic Wallpapers for iOS 6 tutorial. It's awesome! Take a look:

NOTE: iPad users, sorry to spoil the fun. Due to the issues of rotation and wallpaper size-quality, it is very difficult to make these instructions work for iPads. If you have dug through your system files, you'd have noted that wallpapers are perfect squares, and is the height's pixels , not the width's. This is to compensate for the loss of pixels when you rotate your iPad. You can continue with the instructions , but note that if you rotate your screen, the picture will become distorted and the panorama will break. There is a fix right at the bottom of the instructions though.

This is another of my instructional write-ups. Also, it is one of those that isn't so easy, but do-able for those average to well versed in the nuances of technological uses. One last thing, my instructions are going to be long, so steal some time.

If you are lazy, I can help you do the wallpaper splicing part, but you'd need to do the rest for yourself. (Put simply, give me your wallpaper and I'll cut it for you)

Stuff needed:
Pages+(in Cydia, paid, but there are similar alternatives that also allow you to put individual wallpapers for individual pages)
iFile, or whatever file browser for iDevice.
GIMP(a free alternative to Adobe Photoshop)
iFunBox on computer.
A wallpaper that is as tall as your iDevice's screen
(e.g. iPhone 5 has 1136 pixels in height, find a wallpaper that tall, or scale one to that height. iPhone 3GS has a pixel height of 480, so find a wallpaper that is 480 pixels high or scale one to that height. The higher the original pixels of the wallpaper, the more detailed it will become after scaling)
About 10-30 minutes of your life.

NOTE: These instructions vary from tweak to tweak, iDevice to iDevice(due to screen pixel density differences). I am using an iPod Touch 5(equivalent to iPhone 5) and Pages+. Any questions on the nuances of different tweaks' modifications, just comment, I will reply within a day or two, maybe even minutes, if I happen to be online.

Computer: Open GIMP and let it load, since it can take nearly 5 full minutes to load on slower computers. Don't touch it when it is loading.

Find a wallpaper that fits your screen size:
Height x Length
4-inch; 1136 x 640
3.5-inch Retina; 960 x 640
3.5-inch Regular; 480 x 320
iPad Retina; 2048 x 1536
iPad Regular; 1024 x 768 (inclusive of iPad Mini)

It can be long, but just scale your wallpaper to the height of your iDevice.
Before you start scaling, note the width of your iDevice's pixels. Your wallpaper will be split into how many pages you want it to be. A wallpaper with 1920 pixels in width would accommodate 3 pages for 3.5/4-inch iDevices. 1920 divided by 640 equals 3. Get it?

NOTE: if you are using SBRotator, you'd have more things to do. This will be covered near the end of the instructions.

So, in my case with my iPod Touch 5, I used a 1136 x 1920 wallpaper(gotten from Halo Waypoint, useable with 4-inch screens(file too large to attach. I'll redirect you to MediaFire so that you can get it if you want. LINK)) and cut it into 3 parts, each 1136 x 640, so that each page has one wallpaper of 1136 x 640 and they all match up and fit exactly to make one long panoramic wallpaper 3 pages long.

Once done with the cutting, put them into a folder and name it 0.png, 1.png, 2.png and so on(read instructions on wallpaper naming here:
Name the folder "iPhone" (without quotation marks), or "iPad", depending on what you are using and place that folder into another folder and name it whatever you want, but through in a ".bundle" (also without quotation marks) at the end. E.g. File name "My theme" become "My theme.bundle".

Now take that file and place it in /Library/Pages+/Bundles.
After that, go to and scroll to Pages+. Inside, at wallpaper themes would be your wallpaper. Select it and exit You should get your panoramic wallpaper.

NOTE: SBRotator and iPad users: if you want to be able to rotate your springboard without distortion of the wallpaper, instead of making a regular screen-sized wallpaper, make a square wallpaper that is as long as the pixels of the height. So instead of making a wallpaper that is 1136 x 640, make one that is 1136 x 1136, for iPhone 5 users. This is pure conjuncture from the fact that iPhones and iPod Touches have a 1136 x 1136 wallpaper for Notification Center, which can rotate, if you are in an app. Deducing from what Apple does, I ask you to do this.

Pictorial instructions below, but you'd still have to read the instructions above.


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