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Adria Ho
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Powered by Unreal Engine 3, and based on various Greek and Norse myths, Wanderer: War Song is a third-person action RPG that has you roaming around a sequence of big boss-filled battle arenas.

Controls are twin-stick based, while your combat moves are a combination of general swipes and timed-based power up attacks. There's also a block button; something that's utilised in specific block time events.

Obviously, the more bosses you defeat, the stronger your character becomes and the more powerful your attack options. Customisation is another big factor as you kit out your hero with the best armour and weapons you can lay your hands on.


★The world’s leading engine -- Unreal Engine 3
Developed by Unreal Engine 3 with powerful rendering, with the perfect production, The Wanderer: War Song will refresh your impression on pictures of mobile games.

★The world-class quality of game graphics
The full 3D perspective and real-time special effects can compare with Infinite Blade.

★Various game features and game-play settings
Besides the basic combat mode combining touching screen and virtual stick positioning, Wanderer: War Song also contains various function modules, like role upgrade system, task system, card system, improve system and stamina bar system. All of these will add to the fun of the game.

★Well-known game story, fascinating plots
Wanderer: War Song is the first chapter of Wanderer Series. It tells the story of the hero Peregrine’s adventures. Setting in the War of Giant Ghosts, Peregrine and Gaia -- the Goddess of Earth -- tackles down all kinds of difficulties and obstacles to protect the Time Key and finally reaches Tartarus – the darkest hell.
Combining Greek Mythology and Norse Mythology, the Wanderer Series relate a story about love, growth and responsibility from the perspective of an unknown person in the splendid epic.

★Exciting combat experience

Wanderer:War SongWanderer:War Song
Wanderer: War Song is developed using the world’s current best game engine -- Unreal Engine 3. With the powerful rendering of Unreal Engine 3, the game provides the next-generation experience of graphical combat on many kinds of terminal equipment.

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