English Conversion of Unreal Big Game 'Infinity of God' is Finnally Here

Adria Ho
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We mentioned this gorgeous game before, it's original name is Infinity of God. The Chinese version have been released in China for monthes, but we didn't hear about the English version until now. The good news is the game is gonna be published internaltionally by Chillingo with a new name :The Gods: Rebellion. Chillingo have just released a new trailer for it, take a look:

This Unreal 3 powered game looks like it's shaping up to be a pleasantly violent diversion from the drudgery of real life.

Based on ancient Chinese legend, the game takes its visual cues from the likes of Diablo, throwing you into a sort of isometric world and then giving you lots and lots of things to kill. And, as you'd expect from a game powered by Unreal tech, it looks pretty impressive.

The Gods: Rebellion developer Calvi has included a seven-level campaign for you to carve through, plus a host of character upgrades to unlock and exploit. There's also a challenge mode, designed to entertain veterans via its 11 levels of blade-blunting combat.

Chillingo has confirmed that The Gods: Rebellion will hit the App Store at midnight on Wednesday.

We will keep you updated.

PS: As far as I know that, in fact the developer of the game in China is now developing the sequel of the game now. Hmm.. right. If they keep in the tune, seems we gonna wait a long time until the English version comes. So I just wonder if you would like to play the Chinese version before the official English version cames out. If do, we could manage to offer you the game at the first time it comes out. Let us know your opinion.


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