[Review] BloodPact is An Great Castlevania Clone with Classic Fun in iOS

Adria Ho
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Cross-action is never fading through the time. Just look at the screenshots of BloodPact, you will probably doubt your eyes – is this Castlevania? In fact, it also plays like Castlevania. But it’s not just Castlevania clone, it gets its own features. It looks like a game that for people to miss old times.

Story is simple, you play as a noble who lost his fiancée, you have to crossing the earth's core, rock cave, ancient Ruins, forest, ancient tomb, gets over customs-pass old castle, to chase death god to save your fiancée. The game design is very classic cross-action, totally original taste, and the graphics are good and fit the game very well. There are 7 big levels, but each level is very long, and level to be a boss fight. You start playing a introducing level, then stages. The stages can be attempted and selected once you pass the intro. You can use potions which will be gained in gaming to recover your life and mana, save them, as each level is so long, you have to star over the stage if you ran out life and potion both.

The gameplay is so Castlevania. The sword action, the dash back and the projectile, they looks all Castlevania style. The biggest change is the game is without duck, only left and right, sad. Lots of iOS games who want to cross-action on iOS adds a lot buttons which simply don’t be used well. BloodPact avoids that well, that make it so original. There are only four skill buttons, projectile, fallback, sword, and jump. Pojectile and fallback will take mana. And it supports double jump, that’s important for you to survive in the harsh environments.

Monsters do not appear as a group, you will not see a batch of monsters towards you like in the old games, but big monsters are distributed in a wide range. AS there is no a guide for newers, monsters at the beginning are obtuse and week, so easy to destroy, monsters get stronger as you reach high levels.

Many games have manage to do the same thing as BloodPact does, to clone old memory on iOS, but they failed with to much confident as they add a lot gimmicky stuffs, and precisely lost the original fun we would love to gain. We are not missing Castlevania, we are missing the feeling. That was why BloodPact is rare on iOS.

BloodPact BloodPact
Remember the free & touched experience by classical cross-action games? The game "BloodPact" created by crazy-console game fans won't let you down! Come on!

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