At Least 8 People Outside Apple Have Already Seen the iPhone 5S?

Adria Ho
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It's a weired form of news. According to gottabemobile, at least 8 people outside of Apple’s testing facility likely know what the iPhone 5S looks like. They also know what new iPhone 5S features Apple will announce later this year, and members of this select group may even already know what the iWatch looks like:

This special group is Apple’s board of directors, including former vice president Al Gore, and Disney President Robert A. Iger. According to a recent talk by Arthur D. Levinson, the current chairman of the board, the members of the board see new Apple products long before the public.

Speaking to the Stanford Graduate School of Business Levinson shared the board of director’s role in new products, as reported by Fortune:

    New products are presented to the board between 6 to 18 months prior to launch. If presented early enough, some board insights are taken into account, and those on the board with expertise in certain product areas may have more influence

With this in mind, and a rumored iPhone 5S release this summer, it is very likely that Al Gore and other members of the board know if the iPhone 5S will arrive with multiple iPod touch color options, or if a fingerprint reader is built-in to the iPhone 5S.

iPhone 5S render

The iPhone 5S render from Martin Hajek shows what the iPhone 5S mighty look like.

Back in 2011 Al Gore let slip the iPhone release date of October while talking at the Discovery Invest Leadership Summit. With any luck Al Gore will let the iPhone 5S release date slip while speaking at SXSW next month.




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