The Long Expected The Gods: Rebellion Available on Pandaapp!

Adria Ho
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A ridiculously good looking Unreal Engine powered brawler we have expect it for almost a year. Revised by Chillingo, The Gods: Rebellion make a great Unreal Engine 3 work. Download it now!

The Gods: Rebellion is a beat ‘em up where you play as a god who chooses to defend captive humans from their demon tormentors. Like God of War, The Gods uses simple attack buttons for combat, but throws a lot of vicious-looking enemies at you, forcing you to dodge and charge up super attacks while you fight.

· Created with Unreal Engine 3.
· Gorgeous graphics you won't believe are running on your mobile device.
· Two deep game modes for hours of gameplay.
· Character unlocks and upgrades.
· Epic, legendary storyline based on an ancient Chinese myth.
· Universal: Works on iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

The Gods:RebellionThe Gods: Rebellion
The Gods is a mind-blowing action experience based on ancient Chinese myth. Play as humanity's last hope as peace and freedom has been lost. It's up to you to be the saviour in this time of sorrow.

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