Sci-fi MMORTS Galaxy on Fire: Alliances Annouced

Adria Ho
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Galaxy on Fire series developer Fishlabs just announced that its developing its first MMORTS entitled Galaxy on Fire: Alliances. The free-to-play sci-fi spin-off game will be released in Q3 2013 for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, with an Android version coming out afterwards.

Fishlabs says the game will be the “biggest and most ambitious project to date.” It’s being developed with Fishlab’s proprietary Abyss 3 engine, and will include “state-of-the-art 3D graphics” and space battles.

Set in an unexplored part of the universe, Alliances revolves around the Terrans, Vossk and Nivelians factions conquering planets to obtain valuable resources and ancient artifacts. To achieve this, players will need “strong tactical and diplomatic skills” and “an extraordinary talent for resource management.” Players will also need to “establish a flourishing economy and do a lot of research in order to get access to stronger technologies.” Additionally, like the name of the game suggests, alliances can also be forged with other players to make things easier.

In the press release, Fishlabs CEO Michael Schade says:

"Never before in the eight years of our existence have we worked on a title with a team as big as the Alliances team. Free-2-Play is an incredibly exciting and promising market for mobile developers and we’re really eager to create a premium-quality F2P title, which includes all the features and characteristics that have made our previous titles so unique and successful. As you can imagine, this is not an easy task, but we’ve got a team of highly experienced and talented industry specialists assigned to the development of Alliances and the playable alpha version of the game does already look pretty amazing."

You can check out some screenshots and artwork for the game below. I’ve never played any of the Galaxy games before, but graphically-speaking, Alliances looks nice, and the idea of a sci-fi MMORTS sounds interesting.


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