New Details and Gameplay Footage of Upcoming ARPG Oceanhorn Revealed

Adria Ho
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Oceanhorn is an upcoming action RPG from Cornfox & Brothers and FDG Entertainment. If you want to get excited about the game, all you need to do is look at the screenshots and watch the early gameplay footage below.

And here are some details revealed from the developer:

What’s the basic story of Oceanhorn?

Once upon a time, the nation of Arcadia spread across the World of Uncharted Seas. A thousand years ago, Arcadia was hit by a catastrophe and the once-flourishing society disappeared into darkness. Three horrible sea monsters emerged from this darkness. One of them– the only one still remaining– is Oceanhorn.

The player is taken into the shoes of Nameless Hero (nameless, because you can name him), whose father has left to confront Oceanhorn. Hero is given his father’s old notebook that will guide his way in a world full of adventures, monsters, and rich history. What lead the ancient world to destruction a thousand years ago? Where does Oceanhorn come from? What happened to Hero’s father? The player will learn about all of these questions on his adventures!

Oceanhorn looks gorgeous. What devices will it run on?

Repo: Oceanhorn uses its own engine, not Unity or the Unreal Engine. That’s why we can optimize it closer to the hardware. Without making any promises, I can say that we mostly use two-year-old devices to develop Oceanhorn and it runs just fine on them. It is in our best interest to release Oceanhorn on as many devices as possible.

Do you have a release window for Oceanhorn?

Repo: Oceanhorn will be released when it is ready, sometime in 2013.

And new screenshots below:


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