Upcoming Tweak 'QuickPhoto' Makes it Easier to Send Photos and Videos

Adria Ho
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If you send a lot of photographs or videos to people in conversations via text message, Facebook, WhatsApp, Mail, Twitter, and some other apps, then you should check out this great upcoming tweak called QuickPhoto by iOS developer Cocoanuts.

QuickPhoto will look a lot like RageBoard, because it uses the same Keylord interface; however, rather than letting you send rage faces, it will let you browse through your Photographs and Videos on your device. QuickPhoto includes support for the Camera Roll, any additional photo albums you might have on your device, and even the Photo Stream.

The QuickPhoto interface is accessed by tapping and holding on the International Keyboard button in the bottom left of the keyboard. If you have RageBoard or Grafiti installed, no worries, QuickPhoto is 100% compatible with them, because it uses the same Keylord dependency.

As shown above, when you tap on the QuickPhoto button, you’ll be able to scroll horizontally through your photographs and videos, and at the bottom, you can scroll through your albums, including the Camera Roll, any user-created albums, and your Photo Stream. You can use the backspace button to delete anything that you add to the text field by accident, and the globe button to return to your letter keyboard.

As expected, the photos and videos will send as image files to the recipient, so the tweak is cross-platform and doesn’t require a jailbroken iOS device on the other end to receive your photographs. They will go through as MMS.

Just like in RageBoard, users will be able to tap and hold on an image or video in the QuickPhoto keyboard interface to open a zoomed-in view of the image or video if the thumbnail is too small to identify the image or video.

While users can use the photo-sending button in the Messages interface already, QuickPhoto is named what it is because it’s quicker. Users can send more than one photo or video at once by simply tapping on them one after the other, which is much quicker than going through the image picker over and over and over again to send multiple photos or videos.

QuickPhoto is compatible with all of the following applications:

    Messages (MMS/iMessage)
    Facebook Messenger
    Facebook App (messages)
    Mail (e-mail)

QuickPhoto will be out in Cydia soon, for an introductory price of $3.99 until March 5. Afterwards, the price will go up to the normal price of $4.99. If interested, keep your eyes peeled and be sure to grab it while it's on sale... otherwise stay tuned, we have a surprise for you coming up soon!


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