[Gold Giveaway] Gameloft's Gorgeous Card Battle Order & Chaos Duels Available Now!

Adria Ho
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Order & Chaos Duels is a card game from publishing powerhouse Gameloft. Set in the same universe as the Order & Chaos Online MMO, this card-battling collect-'em-up contains hundreds of 2D warriors and wizards to pit against one another.

These duels will play out against the backdrop of Haradon, a land under siege from the good-for-nothing god Velik. Unfortunately for you (and perhaps me), one of Velik's allies is the Corruption, an evil force which transforms living creatures into mindless slaves.

Order & Chaos Duels is now available on Pandaapp, fast download would cost you one gold. Join our gold give away, you can win 10 gold a time!

Giveaway rule:

1. You should subscribe and follow us on Facebook

2. Sign in Pandaapp with Facebook account or your original user name, and request the Gold on the comment section below

Done!!! We will reward you as 10 Gold, which can changed into a one-day-VIP account, or download 10 VIP games you like.

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★ 250+ gorgeous cards to collect, reflecting the artistic direction of Order & Chaos
★ Fast & accessible duels on the go with spectacular special effects
★ Deep content & strategy with game mechanics of a traditional TCG
★ Epic live & asynchronous multiplayer fights
★ Quests & adventures to fight against evil and free the world of Haradon


Order & Chaos Duels - Trading Card Game Order & Chaos Duels - Trading Card Game
Rediscover the Order & Chaos universe in this FREE collectible trading card game (TCG) that lets you battle with evil forces in many adventures or against real players for leaderboard supremacy.


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