Hurry! Another App Hides GBA Emulator Avaialble on The App Store Now!

Adria Ho
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We have shared to you that few days ago, there was an app available on the App Store called 'Awesome Baby Names' which hides a GBA emulator in it. If you installed this app, you can activate the emulator in few simple steps. As expected, it was removed just few days later. Now, a similar app has just floated up again, if you missed last chance, you should grab it until it's too late.


* Slider Puzzle * * Slider Puzzle *
Slider is a simple sliding puzzle game with four cool different puzzles! It's challenging, easy, and fun to play! If you want to add more puzzles, simply add an image to the app through iTunes! Add as many images as you want!


The app named Slider Puzzle is now available on the App Store for $1.99, sure it won't last long. Now here is the step to activate the emulator.

Step 1, Press the Setting section.

Step 2. Press the top left area five times.

Step 3. Press the hidden 'Ready Player One' words on the right of 'Timer'

Step 4. The GBA ROM interface is now in front of you, you can download ROM on PC, then trasport them to iPhone to play them!

Step 5. And finally how it turns out!

Note: You will need the gba_bios.bin file to load the game. Click here to jump forum thread to download the file, just release the file and transport to iPhone.

Update: this GBA emulator turns out tough about bios. I googled a lot about it, some guys just figure it out that, rename the '.gbc' file as '.gb' will made it work. But we didn't try that yet, so think over before you purchase the app please.


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