How to Transfer Photos Between iPhone and Android Phones

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We know Android Phones can share photos and other data very easily via bluetooth or NFC, however iPhone can't do both of them, share photos is not that easy between iOS and Android devices, in now days many memorable scenes and moments just shoot by mobile photos, if you wanna share them to your friends and family who use iPhone, do you know how to do it? So today we will show the ways of how to how to transfer pictures for free from Android Phones to iPhone without computer.:

PhotoTransfer for iPhone and iPad PhotoTransfer for iPhone and iPad


PhotoTransfer for iPhone and iPad allows you to transfer photos between your iPhone or iPad and your computer as well as exchange photos between devices over Wifi.

This app's size is less than 1M, but it very easy to let you transfer photos between different devices, all you need is the wifi or network, after you upload the photo, there is an unique code, use your android browser to get it on via that code:


We've seen the Bump app evolve from just a way to transfer contacts to a version that allows for mobile payments and one that lets you share photos between your phone and your computer. Now the company has expanded its feature set to transferring files of all kinds, be they photos, videos or Word documents. Simply enable the location feature in your browser, tap the files you want to move over, slap that spacebar button with your phone and the files will be on their way. They'll actually head over to Bump's servers and not your desktop, but you can still easily download them if you so choose. The updated app is available on iOS and Android today, so you can start bumping your files over right now.

Bump Bump
NEW: Now Bump works with computers too! Photos, videos, files, everything. Just go to on your computer web browser.

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