[Review] Puzzles and Monsters: Fantasy Card Battle with Elimination and Simulation

Adria Ho
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Card battle game has been kind of popular over the iOS gaming platform recently. Ad more and more card battle floated up, the performance of card games turn out more and more diversification. Combining with Strategy, action, Simulation, numerous kinds of card games appeared. Puzzles and Monsters is a typical card battle game with elimination and simulation.

As lots of card games featured, player quests to collect more monsters in battles, power-up or evolve the monsters, and make friends to play together. Unlike traditionally card battle, the elimination makes the battle different. Different colors of gems will release different the skills of specified attribute of monsters. The movement of gems is not limited at all in the interface, you can move it arbitrary. You can move it freely, but it gets a time limit of holding a gem. In the limited time, every gem will be replaced by the holding gem, so the trick to create more combos is how to move the gems. More combos, more powerful attack. Who hates combos?

One of the highlight is, when you start to quest a new map, you can choose a aid player. It's good to get backup! The interface is neat and lovely. Every dungeon gets different numbers of Bosses. In the preparation  you can review the final boss you will meet in the dongeon, and you will be told how much strenght and battles you need. You can not take a rest in the challenge to the boss, only after clearance you can return to the main city.

Raid Systerm

You have some chance to get debris of the treasures, but it's really rare, and the parts can not be sure. Only in the Raid system, you can select what treasures you want, with the target, you fighting with other players. However, there is no forever safe, the other players can also feel free to snatch debris in your hands. Something really danger is the treasures synthesis requires an hour, within this period, the debris are like to robbed. But risk is something interesting isn't it!

Puzzles and Monsters is free to play on the iTunes Store, you can download it via the button below.

Puzzles and Monsters Puzzles and Monsters
The coolest pet raising in the history + Eliminate type of combat mobile game, good opinion came as tides!


Graphics  7.0

The graphic is still nice, although original monsters looks tedious.

Sound&Music 8.0

When battle raises, the music turns totally different, passionate and tense. Just the combat sound and the attention of boss sound so weak.

GamePlay 9.0
The switch of the usual interface and monster simulation interface is very simple, all the operation is easy to understand and smooth. The overall gameplay is fine, and it still gets some positive trick feels good.

Lasting Appeal 7.0
The backup player is something nice, it’s not just a position just a friend, every time the battle starts, you can choose an aid player from your friend list or players assigned by system.

Multi-player 8.0
The raid system is amazing I have to say I love it.

Overall 8.0
It’s a fresh style of leisure title combines online and strategy. Not many highlights, but nice for leisure time.

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