iPad 2 news: Porn Industry Cheers FaceTime on iPad 2

There are a lot of people excited about the release of the iPad 2 with FaceTime, but there’s one group Apple CEO Steve Jobs may not be too happy about. Are you ready for porn chat on the iPad?

The iPad 2 going on sale in a few days has both front and rear-facing cameras for video chat, which will be a boon to business users who can use it to video conference with colleagues. FaceTime for the iPad 2 is sure to be a hit with families who can throw online reunions, as well as show off the newest additions to the clan.

But there’s another group with less-wholesome plans for FaceTime—a porn chat service. iP4Play has been dishing up its dubious offerings via FaceTime since August 2010, shortly after the feature became available on the iPhone 4. The company brags about having tens of thousands of users who pony up $4 per minute for live chat with one of the ladies from its stable of video babes.

CultofMac queried Travis Falstead of iP4Play, who has big plans now that users will be able to access FaceBook with the iPad 2. “We’re still the one and only commercial user of FaceTime across either the adult or mainstream world. The new iPad is the best form factor for FaceTime across the Apple product line.” Can’t argue with that—bigger photos of naked women—what’s not to love?

What else is in the works? “We’ll be offering more girl/girl and introducing boy/girl shows for callers over the coming weeks. We are also working on mainstream services for paid FaceTime calls.”

But how does iP4Play get around Apple CEO Steve Jobs’ distaste for adult content? Easy—they avoid the iTunes app store altogether by marketing their goods as a “web service” rather than an app, which also lets the company avoid paying Apple 30% of their profits off the top. Is what they’re doing admirable? Nope. Will others follow their lead? Absolutely.

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