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Most people are confused which one carrier is best for themselves, and now SwayMarkets' newly released utility CarrierCompare isn't anything the carriers are too ecstatic about.CarrierCompare will tell you how to choose the best carrier for yourself.

With an easy to use user-interface with a minimal amount of menus, you simply have to configure your iPhone by turning on 3G for optimal results. The app will analyze your carrier against results from the other competing carriers in about 15 seconds, and then it'll rank the three in order from great service to poor service depending on two different metrics that are measured.

Despite the fact that carriers offer service maps (for example in the US: AT&T, Verizon, Sprint), these aren't nearly as useful or as complex in comparison to the information that CarrierCompare provides.

Founder of SwayMarkets Amos Epstein has the following information regarding the application:

"There is an imbalance of information out there. Each carrier knows its own network and hires people to drive around in trucks to measure its rivals' service as well. But they haven't gone as far to release data that's tangible and useful to the consumer."

But since the app seems to work on crowdsourcing the data from other app users, there have been some questions raised about the accuracy of the results. Dave Goldman of CNN Money explains:

Here’s the catch: The app is only as good as its crowd-sourced data. SwayMarkets has a starting data set pulled in from its previously released NetSnaps app, but CarrierCompare will only become really useful if a critical mass of people adopt it.

Unfortunately, SwayMarket also had to stop measuring Signal strength - one of the key metrics used to compare carriers to ensure their app was compliant with Apple's developer agreement, which means the app now only measures response and speed, which is the amount of time a carrier takes to respond to a request and how much information the carrier allows your phone to download in a second, respectively. This arguably flaws the results as signal strength is an important parameter for voice calls.

They politely say on their website:

"We had to remove signal strength in order to remain in compliance with our developer agreement with Apple and avoid having our apps removed from the App Store entirely. Apple has been very cooperative through this process, and we are pursuing ways of bringing signal strength back in the future. However, we recognize that signal strength is an important metric for comparing voice quality, so we encourage you to mention it in your reviews and emails to us – it can only help raise awareness."

We like the idea behind the app and we expect it will become more useful with time as more users use the app. The app will come in handy when you plan to buy the next iPhone so that you can compare carriers in your area as it doesn't matter if carrier claim they have the widest coverage or offer the fastest download speeds, what really matters is, how good the carrier is in your area and the area you visit frequently.

Sprint has been the strongest carrier in my area. How about in yours? Sound off in the comments. CarrierCompare is available for free on the App Store.

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