Sci-fi Horror FPS 'Dead Effect' Heading to iOS

Adria Ho
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Are you a fan of zombie shooter? Did you put hands on The House of the Dead: Overkill™- The Lost Reels last month? If so, we are glad to tell you, another shooting thriller called Dead Effect is going to hit iOS in July or August, 2013.

View its official trailer below

Bearing some similarities to the gameplay of House of the Dead, Dead Effect is an upcoming first-person shooter designed exclusively for iOS devices, featuring amazing 3D graphics, enthralling story, and blood-curdling shooting spree.

The story takes place on a futuristic spaceship-ESS Meridian, which is travelling through space in search of human’s first planet to colonize. Which might well be reminiscent of what humans do in the smash-hit 2009 film Avatar. A few years later, a crew member (you will role play) wakes up from a cryogenic sleep but only find the other crew members turn on him aggressively and soullessly. What happened? As you start to ravel out the mystery, you’d better take a weapon with you before you end up as a walking dead too.

If you are into this genre, keep this game in your watch list, or stay tuned for our further follow-up.


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