Lucid Games Releases Jacob Jones and the Bigfoot Mystery to iOS in May

Adria Ho
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Following its launch on PS Vita later today, Lucid Games's Professor Layton-like puzzle adventure Jacob Jones and the Bigfoot Mystery will go live on the App Store as a Universal app for iPhone and iPad at around midnight.

In this game, you follow Jacob - a reclusive little scamp with an inquisitive spirit - on his adventures at Eagle Feather summer camp.

You'll meet a cast of barmy counselors, a bunch of unruly campmates, some forest creatures, and the eponymous ape-like creature. There's full voice acting for each character, so they'll all have a distinct personality.

As you embark on your adventure, you'll have to solve a series of head-scratching conundrums, including puzzles that will test your logic, lateral thinking, maths chops, and observation skills.

We recently reviewed the Vita version and noted that "the first Jacob Jones and the Bigfoot Mystery episode definitely has the style. Now, it just needs more substance in its puzzles to back that style up."

We also stated in the review that "nearly every puzzle is a rehash of an old conundrum that has stumped gamers elsewhere multiple times already, especially in the aforementioned Professor Layton games."

Jacob Jones and the Bigfoot Mystery will cost £1.99 / $2.99 when it surfaces on the App Store at midnight tonight.


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