'JellyLock' Brings Android Jellybean-like Lock Screen to iOS

Adria Ho
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If you’re looking for a unique way to unlock your iPhone that no stock iPhone is going to be able to mimic, then check out a free lock screen jailbreak tweak called JellyLock by iOS developer Max Katzmann.

 JellyLock is not exactly new – it has been hosted on a private repository for some time now, but it was recently added to Cydia’s ModMyi repository after extensive testing. The tweak is still currently in beta, but is now much more stable than before. If you are using the older version of JellyLock, it is recommended that you uninstall it before installing this new version to avoid problems.

 As shown above, JellyLock adds an Android Jellybean-like lock screen interface to your iPhone. You begin with a simple lock circle that you can pick up and drag to either the Camera shortcut, or the unlock device shortcut. The unlock device shortcut, as shown above, shows "slide to unlock" when you get near the unlock device shortcut, while the Camera shortcut, shown below, shows "Camera" when you get near the Camera shortcut:

 While JellyLock looks simple from a first glance, you’ll see just how much time was put into the tweak when you go into the Settings application and view the JellyLock preferences pane:

 The tweak comes with tons of customization options…

 You’ll be able to enable or disable the tweak on demand, as well as choose to hide or show the lock label, enable or disable lock screen badges, configure your application shortcuts, configure your assistant, configure the appearance, and configure vibration options for on touching the lock, or when unlocking the iPhone.

 From the Appearance sub-pane, you can change the colors of the circle and the label. You will also be able to change the size of the circle, and choose the positioning of it. If you want, you will be able to switch the positions of the unlock device shortcut and Camera shortcut – you will be able to re-size the unlock device shortcut, and the grabber to your liking too. The final appearance option you get is the ability to choose an opacity setting for JellyLock. In case you were wondering about the colors you have to choose from for the circle and the label, you get the following choices:

Clear (fully transparent)
White (default)
Light gray
Dark gray

 From the Assistant sub-pane, you will be able to configure the hidden Siri shortcut on the lock screen. By dragging the circle to the bottom of the JellyLock interface, everything will disappear except for a Siri shortcut. Landing on the Siri shortcut with the circle will launch Siri. From the sub-pane, you get to configure whether you want this feature enabled or disabled, as well as choose if you want Siri to open or if you want Google Now to open. Google Search must be installed for Google Now to be used.

 From the App Shortcuts sub-pane, you get the option to add application shortcuts to the lock screen similarly to how the Atom jailbreak tweak is set up. You can have up to six additional application shortcuts on top of the Camera shortcut and unlock device shortcut. You can also choose to use the lower half of the JellyLock interface or the entire JellyLock interface. This sub-pane also comes with a Reset button so you can reset all the shortcuts to their default, empty setting. In the event that you configure all six application shortcuts, JellyLock would look something like this:

 JellyLock also comes with some advanced options that only experienced users should use, such as hiding or showing the bulletin list notifications on the lock screen, set a custom lock icon, and re-define the Camera shortcut on the lock screen.

 JellyLock currently does not support the iPad. There is also a problem with JellyLock application shortcuts not working when an alphanumeric passcode is set, and JellyLock doesn’t work with CallBar. Since the tweak is in beta at the moment, small bugs are expected, and should be squashed within the future as development progresses.

 If you’re interested in giving the latest aversion of JellyLock a try, it’s available for free in Cydia’s ModMyi repository.


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