EA Classic Big Game 'Ultima Forever' Hits CA App Store For Free

Adria Ho
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Ultima Online was a milestone in the video game history, which was first online multi player RPG and released in 1997. Details for the free-to-play Ultima Forever: Quest for the Avatar coming to PC and iOS courtesy of EA Mythic surfaced all the way back in July of last year, and now this game has been available on Candian App Store.

Ultima Forever: Quest for the Avatar builded up a morality system based on Christianity and the eight virtues of chivalry, a player's interactions with NPCs can have positive and negative consequences (see Mass Effect's morality system). Furthermore, you will be able to stitch up other party members by deciding how much loot to divvy out to the team.

Whether you share the loot equally or keep most of it - or all of it - for yourself, this "Honesty Box" system will affect your virtue score. Good deeds, such as training up other warriors, will result in your being rewarded with sacrifice points, while diligent pupils will have their deference rewarded with humility points.

The game package is as large as 908 MB, and you have to release out at least 2 GB storage for it. It is now available on Canadian App Store only. We are still working on the fast download. Before that, you can follow this simple tutorial to get an Canadian Apple ID to download it.

Ultima Forever: Quest for the Avatar Ultima Forever: Quest for the Avatar
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