Hey, Google+ For iPad Now Available To Download


As promised at this year’s Google I/O, there’s now an iPad-specific version of Google+ on the App Store. Some much-needed features have been included to take advantage of the iPad’s giant screen, as well as full integration of Google+’s new Events feature.

Google announced the release of the new app on the Official Google blog earlier today, and outlined some of the iPad-specific features they’ve introduced. Among them is the ability to start Hangouts from your iPad, and even stream them to your TV using AirPlay, if you need an even bigger screen than the iPad offers already. It will also give you the option to ring your friends’ phones when you invite them to a Hangout, if they have the iPhone version of Google+ installed.

Google+ Google+
Stay connected and share life as it happens with Google+ for iPhone and iPad. Join a Hangout, post a photo, or see what friends are sharing while you’re on the go.


Other than that, most of the updates are interface-related changes, designed to alleviate the cramped feel of the old app, which was optimized to work on much smaller screens. You’ll now be able to drag things from your feed to share them, comment on posts in-stream, and view photos in all the 9.7″ fullscreen glory of your iPad. You can get the new app now, from the App Store.

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