Riptide GP 2 Gonna Hit Android on July 23, iOS 'Shortly After'

Adria Ho
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Vector Unit broke from its usual tight-lipped approach to Riptide GP 2 during a Reddit Ask Me Anything to reveal some new details about the jet ski sim.

We already knew it'd feature a new multiplayer mode and controller support, but we had no idea when it'd be available.

Thankfully, Vector Unit answered that straightaway - Riptide GP 2 will come to Google Play on July 23 and will cost $2.99 / £1.99, while the iOS version will follow "shortly after".

Additionally, while Vector Unit confirmed that Riptide GP 2 will have IAPs built-in from launch, it assures players that that game has been balanced to the point that you won't need to avail yourself of them.

Jet ski jam

Vector Unit also announced that you'll need to have at least Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) in order to run GP 2 and it recommends at least a 1Ghz single-core CPU and 512MB RAM.

Those specs seem pretty generous given what we've seen of Riptide GP 2's gameplay - so get your Hydro Jets ready for July 23, Android gamers. And for iOS gamers, just little patience needed.


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