A Groupd of iPad 5 Serial Number Leaks, Mass Production to Start Soon

Adria Ho
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In this weekend, a group of serial numbers leaked have been confirmed be an unknown device of Apple, and according to the source, they are determined to be the trial production of iPad 5.

The earlier leaked internal serial number is DLXKN00EFJKG, from the well connected Sina microblogging group – C Technology. The serial number suggests the manufacturer of the device Foxconn, and the warranty deadline is June 27, 2014, from September 26, 2013 began phone support.

And then Weiphone.com posted out another two serial numbers, DLXKW01CFMN5 and DLXKN00RFJKG. Production date are May 5, 2013 and June 16, 2013, also manufactured by Foxconn.

Based on these information, we can determine that the trial production has entered the final stage, iPad 5 volume production has just started, which means it’s the official release time should be within October this year.


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