More Proof That Apple Will Indeed Release The iPad Mini 2 With Retina Display This Year

Adria Ho
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We have heard many times that the iPad Mini 2 with Retina display could have been delayed until early next year due to production shortages of the display, but according to recent reports Apple has managed to get past these shortages.

In fact today we have a new report from CNET (Via IHS iSuppli) claiming that the production of iPad Mini 2′s Retina display is at the same level as last year’s launch of the first-generation iPad Mini.

According to Vinita Jakhanwal, director of mobile & emerging displays at IHS iSuppli, “Based [what] we are seeing in the [production] pipeline…The volumes [of the display production] are similar to the iPad Mini that we saw in Q4 of last year.”

It was reported that the Retina version of the iPad Mini is expected to use a 7.9-inch panel with a resolution of 2,048×1,536 — the same resolution as the current 9.7-inch iPad 4. Of course as the display is smaller its pixel density will be bumped from 264 pixels-per-inch on the iPad 4 to about 324 ppi on the Mini.

This is pretty much on-par with the pixel density of the 2nd generation 7-inch Nexus 7, which has 323 pixels per inch.

As for the main supplier of the iPad Mini 2′s Retina display it will likely be LG, but Sharp is also expected to participate in the production.

If Apple wants to be competitive in the tablet industry it really does need to release the iPad Mini 2 with Retina display this year, because Google has already beat Apple to the punch when it comes to a high-definition 7-inch tablet.


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