Judge decides against lifting US injunction on Samsung's Galaxy Tab 10.1, for now

James Han
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While Samsung wasn't happy with everything in the billion dollar jury decision concerning its case vs. Apple back in August, it did find some use in a ruling that the Galaxy Tab 10.1 did not infringe Apple's design patents. Based on that, it's trying to get the months-old injunction on sales of the device lifted, but CNET and AllThingsD report Judge Lucy Koh has declined to do so at this time, citing a lack of jurisdiction. She did state that Samsung's motion raised a "substantial issue" with the injunction, but will apparently need to wait for the appeals court to send it back to her court room. The two companies still have a court date on Thursday, as well as the December 6th hearing where they'll argue about possible injunctions for some of the other devices involved in this case.

SOURCE:AllThingsD, Samsung

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