Leaked: Asus Windows RT & Windows 8 Tablet Prices

Cindy Lai
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Microsoft and every other OEM camp out there is keeping their Windows RT tablet prices close to the chest. Until now as ZDnet has leaked the Asus roadmap which indicates pricing for all their upcoming Windows devices.

The Asus Vivo Tab RT which is their entry level Windows device is priced at a whopping $599 and that is not even including the dock for $199. This is very far from what everyone expected Windows RT prices to be.

Folks are waiting for Windows RT tablet prices to hit $300 – $400 to aggressively charge after Apple’s marketshare. Hopefully this is not an indication on how others, including Microsoft will be pricing their Windows RT tablets.

Asus however has time to change their minds and hopefully won’t launch these tablets at such ridiculous prices.

source: ZDnet

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