Three UK Shows Off Asus Vivo Tab RT

Cindy Lai
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On their website and on Youtube, Three UK has been touting the Asus Vivo Tab RT.

Three UK

The Asus Vivo Tab RT is a great partner for tablet users who want to work and play on the go. Supplied with Windows RT, the Windows 8 apps, games and movies will look incredible on the Vivo Tab RT’s 10.1” display and the quad-core processor combined with Office 2013 means multi-tasking is a breeze.

Key features:

Touch friendly Windows 8 interface

Classic desktop mode with Office 2013

-Customisable homescreen with personalised wall tiles

Long battery life for best on-the-go experience

Super fast 1.3Ghz Quad Core processor for multi-tasking

During the video much is made of the devices super thin form factor and its ability to create as well as consume content. With so much emphasis on pricing for this new generation of Windows 8 devices its clear we could see that price offset with the inclusion of a mobile contract. Many have expressed great interest in Surface but that doesn’t come with any built in mobile networking. The advantage other OEMs will have here is that of built in modems, the carriers are likely going to jump at the chance to sell these devices on a contract. After all, that's what contract were made for!

It’s a good hands on and we get a good look at how snappy the new touch friendly UI is on the tablet as well as seeing it in portrait mode. Brendan seems genuinely excited at the prospects of a device with the dual interface, helping bridge the gap between consumption and creation.

Unfortunately no mention is made on pricing and availability but we suspect this will follow shortly. Recent pricing leaks suggested a $599 price tag for the 32GB device, though no word if that will hold accurate for launch. They will even let you sign up for updates should you want to keep on top of this one.

Could this be a sign of how we’re most likely to see Windows RT tablets sold? Are the mobile operators going to help shift these with subsidies? We’d like to know your thoughts. Fancy one? Let us know…

In the meantime, check out our hands on video with the AT&T version of the Asus Vivo Tab below:

source: Three UK, wpc

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