If You're Boring, Just Turn Your iPhone 5C Case into Real Connect Four With Flipcase

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For the most part from everyone I have talked to I think it is safe to say that Apple’s official iPhone 5c cases are quite ugly. In fact the backs of them look like a game a Connect Four. Although you aren’t yet able to play a physical game of Connect Four on your iPhone 5c, you can actually play virtually with a new app called Flipcase.
Flipcase is a clever new app that takes advantage of the iPhone 5c’s Connect Four-like dots to turn it into Mattel’s famous game.
Upon downloading the new Flipcase app all you have to do is flip your iPhone 5c case around and you can play Connect Four just by tapping your iPhone 5c’s screen through the dots. When someone wins simply shake to undo.
You can take a look at the game in action below.

In order to play you will obviously need an iPhone 5c and an iPhone 5c case, but as long as you have access to both you will be glad to know Flipcase itself is a free app.

Flipcase Flipcase
Just attach the official 5c case to the *front* of your iPhone 5c and you're ready to go.Tap through the holes in the case to play, and take turns with a friend to make four in a row.

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