[Video] Hands on With The Dell XPS Duo 12

Cindy Lai
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The Dell XPS Duo 12 is a unique type of Windows 8 Tablet PC Convertible. It has a hinge between the keyboard and screen and then another hinge in the center of the screen that allows it to flip inside the bezel.  It’s a bit strange to convert from laptop mode to tablet mode since you have to flip up the screen, press behind it to flip the screen over, then flip the whole screen back down against the keyboard.  It’s a lot of steps compared to the Lenovo Yoga or Microsoft Surface for example, but perhaps not as convoluted as some of the pivot and rotate hinges on some of the other tablet PC convertibles.  The Dell XPS Duo 12 has a 1080p full HD screen with great viewing angles, 8Gb of RAM, Core i7 processor, and a 256Gb SSD for some high-end computing power.

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