[Video] Hands-On With The Surface RT

Cindy Lai
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Today we finally got our first chance to really handle a Microsoft Surface RT tablet.  We’ve been hearing that it really can’t be described and that you have to hold it for yourself, and after I did get to hold it for myself, I can see why they say that.  It’s very lightweight, very solid feeling, and the touch cover is fantastic.  It’s very thin and wrapping it around the tablet makes the whole thing feel like a hard cover book.  Typing with the touch cover is a very unique experience.  It’s not a capacitive keyboard like your phone’s touch-screen where the keys activate with a light touch.  You can actually set your fingers on the keys without activating any of the letters.  However, what’s interesting is that if you press the keys just a little bit, that’s what activates them.  It’s almost exactly the same amount of pressure you would use for a normal keyboard, except you don’t feel the key move.  I can imagine this would take some getting used to, however my initial reaction is that this was extremely well designed.

Later on I got to look at another Surface tablet with a type cover accessory attached. The type cover is a little bit thicker than the touch cover, but it has real keys on the keyboard that move when you press them. The hinge is still very flexible and the back of the type cover is a very soft felt material that really feels great on the outside of the tablet.

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