Epoch 2 Launching Nov.14, Here is a New Trailer!

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Back in July we learned that Epoch 2 was in development, and this week developer Uppercut Games has announced that the game is finally ready for prime time and will be launching this week on November 14th. The original Epoch launched back in 2011 and used an on-rails style of guidance and brilliant gesture controls to make an incredibly satisfying cover-based shooter experience that felt perfect for the touchscreen. It also had a great upgrading system and impressive visuals which only added to the entire package. That was two years ago now, and Epoch 2 looks like it's raised the bar in many ways over its predecessor.

If you missed out on Epoch previously, you can download it from our download center from the download bar. There was also a very interesting story that unfurled during the course of the game, and while it doesn't seem necessary to know what's going on to enjoy the sequel, it might be worth playing through the first game this week to be fully up to speed for when Epoch 2 hits. Either way, keep an eye out for Epoch 2 to land in the App Store most likely on Wednesday night along with all the week's other new releases.

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