Fist of Awesome's lumberjack joining indie racer Super World Karts GP

Adria Ho
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Super World Karts GP, a 16-bit-style kart racing game from One Legged Seagull, will include a cameo from Tim Burr, the time-traveling lumberjack that stars in another indie game, Fist of Awesome. The news comes from an update on Super World Karts GP's Kickstarter page, which announced the crossover with Fist of Awesome developer I Fight Bears.


 The game boasts SNES-like, mode 7-style kart racing, bearing strong resemblance to Nintendo's Super Mario Kart, down to its name. Super World Karts GP is in development for PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android and Ouya, and is a part of Ouya's revised Free the Games Fund. As for Tim Burr, the lumberjack-turned-kart racer will be an unlockable character, available to use "once you've gotten a few tournament cups under your belt." Tim Burr joins three other unlockable crossover characters: Dr. Boom from Tuesday Knight Games, Turing from Read Only Memories and Lobodestroyo's Mutt. Read Only Memories recently found success on Kickstarter, and also participated in Ouya's Free the Games Fund.

Super World Karts GP is seeking $16,000 AUS ($14,348.80 USD) by Monday, December 23 on Kickstarter to bring its brand of retro-style kart racing to players, of which the project has currently raised $7,536 AUS ($6758.28 USD).


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