Hello Games unveils Joe Danger Infinity for iOS

Adria Ho
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Hello Games has just taken the metaphorical wraps off Joe Danger Infinity, a fresh entry in the series made specifically for iOS.

In Joe Danger Infinity, Hello Games has shrunk the eponymous hero down to toy size. In the story, Joe emerges from a fantastical gumball machine that contains magical toys.

This means that Joe will be accompanied by about 24 other toys, all of which will be playable. There will also be 20 new vehicles, including cars, airplanes, a tank, and a runaway firework.

The Infinity in the game's title is a reference to Hello Games's focus here on endless gameplay.

So, expect to be pulling stunts across bedroom floors and crashing through Christmas dinners for as long as you can keep Joe balanced in this micro-world.

Joe Danger Infinity will be the biggest Joe Danger game yet, with Hello Games confirming it will continue to add more content to the game post-launch.

There will also be a new focus on scoring, as well as trying to better your friends' records. Not that you need the encouragement, I expect.

Hello Games has been working on Joe Danger Infinity for the past year, and expects to launch it on iOS "really soon".

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