Tilt and turn to discover hidden silhouettes in upcoming iOS puzzler Shadowmatic

Adria Ho
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Shadowmatic takes the creative fun of making shadow puppets and turns it into a tilt-and-turn puzzle game for iOS.

It's surprisingly smart when you see it in motion, which you can do by playing the game's new teaser trailer and then looking at it with your eyes.

In the game, the player rotates a peculiarly-shaped abstract object in front of a light so that it casts a shadow onto a wall. They tilt their tablet, and also use multi-touch, to rotate the object to different angles.

At first you may wonder what the appeal is. But then you see a teapot form within the shadow, and with a couple of tiny tweaks, the shape is acknowledged and the level complete.

Developer Triada Studio notes that the silhouetted shapes that you'll make with the objects are tied into the theme of the environment.

There are over 70 level across the game's nine environments. Each environment comes with its own meditative soundtrack to make the puzzle solving a pleasant experience.

Shadowmatic is expected to arrive on the App Store at the beginning of March 2014.





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